Origin of the development

The project leader, since his youth, has always aspired to developing the use of renewable energies.

He discovered the original possibility to sail into the wind by using a rotary sail, at a moment when the necessity of energy transition had become an evidence.  As an analysis of the principle showed the evidence of a huge potential, he launched the development program on 2014. First of all he built a demo-ship.

Archinaute's ambition 

Our vision is to open a new way to maritime navigation, a third way of technological break, between sailing and motoring.  

The launch of Archinaute program is borne on the absolute conviction that the use of a rotary sail is one of the very best pathways to address the energy transition challenge in the nautical field.

As this principle allows sailing in any direction and is based on a mechanical wind power collection, it provides a manoeuverability and ease of use quite similar to those of a classical motorboat.

So it becomes possible to design modern ships for professional use whose main energy supply is the wind power.


The principle has been known since 1921 and it indisputably works.

The present availability of tridimensional design tools, computational fluid dynamics modeling, materials science calculations, composite construction, now allows to draw the best benefit from this concept.

Actually, designing a boat according to this principle requires very serious studies to combine various knowledges at the best, but will not meet major technical issues. 

Considering the existing alternatives to combustion engines  :  

 * Photovoltaic cells, with power limitations due to their conversion efficiency, to the necessary             collecting surface and to the alternation of day and night.

 * Fixed sails of any kind (traditional or solid) which may be controlled by mechanical means without         human workforce but that will never allow to sail into the wind nor to produce directly any kind of     energy such as electrical or hydraulic power for general use or for energy storage purpose.

Rotary sail provides numerous benefits :

            * The benefit of a free energy and an unlimited autonomy without any need to refuel in a harbour. 

      * The unique possibility to sail in any direction including into the wind.

            * The motion of  the ship fully controlled by mechanical commands, without need of any physical                     workforce. 

            * A manoeuverability quite similar to that of a motorship : possibility to move backward, to rotate in             its own length or to implement a dynamic positionning system if required .

            * The possibility to supply general purpose energies for instant use or for power storage.

            * A dramatic fire safety improvement and room saving as no more fuel is needed.

            * To get a similar technical performance, the size of the rotating sail will be significantly lower than     the size of a conventional sail.

            * Lower maintenance requirements than both sail boat or motorship.

Remaining limit :

        The limit that will remain is that of any system using renewable energies : the availability of such              energy, i. e. the presence of wind. An appropriate combination of batteries or additional
        solar cells will address this question on a case by case basis. 

Business opportunities

The necessity to follow the energy transition roadmap and the numerous benefits of the rotary sail will result in wide outlets for this technology in various sectors of navigation : fishing boats, passenger ships, merchant vessels, recreational boats, cruise ships, scientific vessels.

In every market sector, by a deep collaboration with future users, the project team will customize specific design answering perfectly the needs of the market niches most  receptive to this innovative concept.

Process to market and media coverage

 Two steps are requested to prepare the market outlets :

    * Building awareness of both the principle and the development team in order to win the confidence  
   of future customers and users; that was the core work done on 2015 and 2016.

    * Acquiring a full knowledge of the principle and its practical implementation by building a ship,            making extensive testings in real conditions and reaching a high level of reliability; our next goal          is now to launch a full scale ship.

This enterprise gathers several characteristics that will provide a high level of media coverage: It's positioning into the energy transition process,  the originality and spectacular look of the prototype and the general attractiveness of the nautical events.

The outlets of the worldwide conference on climate, COP 21, in Paris dec 2015, will result in a long lasting interest of the medias for all environementally friendly developement initiatives and boost the media potential of ARCHINAUTE.

Anyway, the development manager considers awareness building as a key point for the success and he will create as many events as necessary to get a high level of recognition. 

By supporting ARCHINAUTE, a partner will get a high level of notoriety associated with a very positive image of  high environmental commitment and enlightened vision of the future.










demo ship

demo ship

Radio controled model

maquette radio commandee

loadable prop